Is Ronda Rousey a bully? Also: female fighters being scared to fight

In a recent interview Ronda Rousey said something that kind of bothered me:

There’s a name for people who only fight opponents they know they can beat. A bully. A coward.

I’m kind of surprised Ronda would say something like that, because I don’t actually think she is either (by now you are likely angered by the sensationalist naming of the post). I’m also surprised she would say such a thing for another big reason.

You see, Ronda once expressed disappointment in how many fights fell through in her MMA career. Opponents have cancelled on her a frustrating amount of times. Why? Because they had the same mindset as Ronda. They were only willing to take fights they thought they could win.

Once they got wind of Ronda’s credentials and saw some tape, they most likely thought “Fuck that” and cancelled.

"Fuuuuuuucckk that!"

The way I see it you’re either the best or you’re not. Angling or timing your fights so you can sidestep certain opponents, or flat out avoiding tough fights is weak. You see it all the time with finalists on The Ultimate Fighter and top title contenders (and even some champions, if Chael Sonnen is to be believed).

People have criticized Ronda for getting a title shot with only four fights, but let’s be honest, who out there is calling out Ronda? I have yet to hear someone call her out. The lower level fighters are intimidated by her credentials and scared to fight, and the higher level fighters dish out reasons why she shouldn’t fight for the title.

Sarah Kaufman gave a hundred reasons why Ronda shouldn’t get the title shot, but I never once heard her offer to fight Ronda for a #1 contenders spot. Either you’re the best or you’re not.

People need to step up and fight, and let women like Sara McMann (olympic silver medalist in wrestling, 4-0 in MMA) get some momentum going.

Don’t be scared homegirl.

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