Sarah Kaufman was undeserving of a title shot

When it was announced Ronda Rousey will be getting the title shot against Miesha Tate instead of Sarah Kaufman, Sarah posted this quote:

Never mind Ronda not deserving a title shot, I don’t think Sarah Kaufman deserves one. Couple reasons:

1) Let’s take a look at those two wins shall we? Her first fight since losing the title wasn’t even in Strikeforce and was against 39 year old Megumi Yabushita.

Megumi has a 1-10 kickboxing record and a 19-19 MMA record. My point? She is not an impressive fighter. A win over her is nothing to be proud of.

Sarah’s second win was over Liz Carmouche who much like Ronda got a title shot after only 2 Strikeforce wins. Liz is a preposterously overrated fighter. Why? Because she’s ranked #6 at 135 and yet is a mediocre fighter with unimpressive wins over cans. Look at Liz’s record:

1st win vs. Aleena Albertson (0-1)

2nd win vs. Margarita de la Cruz Ramirez (1-2)

3rd win vs. Colleen Schneider (1-3)

4th win vs. Valentina Shevchenko (1-1)

5th win vs. Jan Finney (8-10)

Yup, 5 wins against these women (not one of which has more wins than losses) and that gets her a title shot, and ranked #6 in the world.

Now I like watching the women’s divisions in MMA, but let’s be honest and say the women’s divisions are pretty thin.

Sarah beats a washed up 39 year old can and a mediocre Liz Carmouche and thinks she’s deserving of a title shot? It’s almost laughable. Now I’m not saying Ronda’s case is much better, but Sarah’s unimpressive wins over unimpressive opponents means Ronda wins by default.

2) This whole ‘deserving’ title shots and ‘rankings’ talk is kinda silly. This is the promotion that gave Brett Rogers a title shot after LOSING a fight. And as far as balancing entertainment and competition, Dana White once threatened to fire the greatest fighter on the planet. Why? Because he put on a boring fight.

It’s funny to hear people saying Ronda getting the title shot would make the division seem less credible. Frankly, if Sarah was to get the shot it would be just as big of a joke. I can’t find a single truly deserving title contender at 135. So you have to go with the least worst.

I am not impressed by your performances

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