Marketing your fight issue #5 – Don’t make promises you can’t keep

People are all torn up about the Condit/Diaz. I was kinda bummed too since I was rooting for Diaz. But here’s what annoyed me:

One of the worst things you can do is mislead the public saying you’re gonna go in there and do this and that and then do the opposite. Don’t say you’re going to go in and throw bombs and then shoot for takedowns all day long. It’s false advertising and it pisses people off.

Fighters do it thinking it’ll get them some advantage in the fight. Thinking they’ll mislead their opponent and then catch them off guard by changing the gameplan. We saw it in Bisping/Miller when Miller was saying how good his striking was and to see who shoots first. Of course Miller is the first to shoot and his striking looks terrible. Or Hardy/Anthony Johnson, where Johnson was making big promises of standing and trading only to take and hold him down.

It’s a poor tradeoff in my mind because 9/10 times the opponent isn’t going to buy it. There was no way Bisping truly thought Miller was going to stand and trade. Occasionally it might work but it’s going to lose you fans. People are going to be angry if you don’t deliver on your promises. I bet Carlos didn’t win many fans with that fight. And likely lost some.

He went in saying he was gonna go after it from bell to bell until one of them stops moving. Over 3 primetime shows we heard him declare how he was gonna destroy Diaz. Then the fight happened…

It’s funny, Diaz runs to prepare for the fight. While Condit trains for a fight to prepare to run.

It could’ve been worse. Though people are still saying Condit was on some Kalib Starnes shit and calling him the Natural Born Runner.

On the bright side he’s only a good performance away from living that down. So here’s to hoping he lives it down in spectacular fashion.

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