Marketing your fight issue #7 – Don’t kill the tension

So we’re days away from Ronda fighting Miesha, and in a snazzy vid Ronda said this:

Two things.

1: I’m glad Miesha takes it personal. You don’t get to do that. You don’t get to say whatever you want about someone and their partner and then wash your hands of it because you were ‘marketing the fight’. Unless it’s consensual (Ortiz/Shamrock, you crafty bastards) you don’t get to do that. You don’t get to shirk responsibility for the things you say. You have to be held accountable for that. In a sense that’s what people are paying (or in this case, tuning in) to see. If you’re a Miesha fan you’re watching to see Ronda have to swallow the shit she talked. Time to pay the piper. We demand satisfaction!

2: The second thing I thought was ‘Please don’t say it was all for marketing!’. Meaning I didn’t want Ronda after the fight to get on the mic and say it wasn’t personal and she was just trying to hype the fight.

People have done it before, and it’s never taken well. Josh did it with GSP, Nate Diaz with Cerrone, and many others. I remember Chael Sonnen feeling robbed because he paid to see two people who hate each other fight, and then had the rug pulled under him when they said it was all for show. He said he wanted his money back. I may not believe him (he is, after all, a pro-wrestling fan), but it’s a good point.

You say you’re trying to bring drama and story to the fight? You say it’s about entertainment? Then let us gloat. Let us revel in the fact that we were right, and the opponent and her fans were wrong.

Don’t kill the tension. Don’t say it was all a puppet show.

There’s 9 other fights on the card. They can go be respectful. They can be classy, they can be diplomatic and good sports. But not you two. You’re the main event, you’re the story, you’re the marketing push, you’re what we’re tuning in to see. I’m more invested in this fight than any other on the card (or the card on the night before, for that matter). Make it worth my while.

There are some exceptions, but Miesha and Ronda are not one. For example, I’m fine with Koscheck/GSP or Serra/GSP burying the hatchet after the hype and smack talk. Neither of those men are likely to ever face Georges again. And in fact, it’s often nice to see two enemies put the beef to rest. But the 135 division is thin. Miesha is one of the best in the division and is guaranteed to face Ronda again, provided they both stick around. So what’s going to happen to the rematch if Ronda and Miesha say it’s all cool after the first fight? If Ronda (and specifically Ronda, because I really doubt Miesha is gonna be able to bury it if she loses) says it was all for marketing blah blah blah it’s going to make it a lot harder for everyone to get up for the rematch (other things factor into it obviously, but this is one). It kills the tension.

I’m not saying to act a bitch after the fight. I’m just saying don’t kill the tension.

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